Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

I have displayed frequently asked questions and answers regarding to massage below. If you do not see the question/answer you are looking for or if you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Q. How long does a massage session last?

A. A massage session can last anywhere between 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the horse. I charge by the session rather than by the hour so that you get the best possible value.


Q. When will I see an improvement?

A. Each horse is an individual and the rate at which you will see an improvement is dependable on each horse. However, sometimes an improvement is immediately notable whilst other times it may take a couple of sessions.


Q. How often should my horse be massaged?

A. This is all dependable on the individual horse, your training regime, the horses conformation, your budget and your own preference. Ideally an average horse should be massaged every 4-6 weeks whilst a competition horse would benefit from a massage every 1-2 weeks. Again this is dependable on the owners preference.


Q. How long do I have to wait until I can ride my horse after a session?

A. Follow up exercise is a component of sports massage. Horses can be ridden after a session.


Q. Can my horse be massaged before a competition?

A. Once a horse is on a regular massage programme, this would be fine. However if this is your horse's first massage he will need to get used to his new way of moving and there is a chance he could be slightly sensitive after so it is not recommended scheduling your horse's first massage near to a competition date.


Q. How much does a massage cost?

A. For the horses first massage it will cost £35. This includes all the static and dynamic observations as well as a full massage. This will take around 2 hours in total. For every massage after this I charge £30 per session.


Q. Where are you able to massage?

A. I am able to massage your horse anywhere that is quiet. The area should have good footing and be safe.


Q. How should I prepare my horse for your visit?

A. If possible make sure the horse is mud free and fairly dry.


Q. What do I do if I would like to arrange an appointment for you to massage my horse?

A. If you would like your horse to be massaged give me a call or email me on the contact me page. We can then arrange a time and date that is suitable for you. Once this has been arranged I will ask you to fill in the initial history form either on the initial history form page on this website or over the telephone. If either of these methods are not convenient for you, I will ask you to fill this form in on the day when I arrive. I will also ask you to contact your vet to make sure massage is deemed suitable for your horse. If you prefer I am happy to do this on your behalf.


Q. Do I have to ask permission from the vet before you massage my horse?

A. Yes. This is the law and I am unable to massage any horse without veterinary permission. This is a very easy process, with just a quick call to your vet, to get permission and to make sure massage is deemed suitable for your horse. I am happy to do this on your behalf if you wish.


Q. What is the best way to contact you?

A. The quickest way to contact me would be to call me on 07904 502119. If not please see the contact me page.