What to expect at a massage session

Before I visit your horse for the first time I will need you to fill in an initial history form. This form has a few basic questions regarding the horse's history, your goals for the horse, the horse's routine and your contact details. This form enables me to gain an insight and background to the horse that I shall be massaging. This form can be completed on the initial history form page on this website, or on the day of the visit or over the telephone – whichever suits you!

When I arrive at the yard for the first massage, an initial assessment will take place. This involves a consultation where we discuss areas of concern, current performance, reasons for massage and any other issues. I will then complete a static assessment of the horse, looking for overall conformation, musculature, any soreness or old injury sites. I will also make sure that there is no reason as to why the horse cannot be massaged. I will then complete a dynamic assessment, looking at the horse in-hand at the walk and the trot, as well as backing up and turning in a circle. I may also want to see the horse ridden in the walk, trot and canter if deemed necessary.

After this has been completed the horse will be massaged. I will use a range of massage and stretching techniques on both sides of the horse. Most horses often find this process very relaxing. However if your horse does not I will massage as much as I can and leave you with some exercises to get the horse used to the process. I never shout at any horse and I always show a very calm approach, only doing what the horse is comfortable with.

After the massage I shall give you follow up exercises to complete between massage sessions so that you can get the most out of the sessions. I shall also give you information on recommended exercise programmes post massage.

For the first session, it shall take around 2 hours to complete as this will incorporate the initial assessments as well as the massage. Any massage session after this will last from anywhere between 45 minutes to 1½ hours.

I cannot work on any horse without veterinary approval. This is the law. It is a simple process with a quick call to your vets to check that massage and stretching is deemed suitable for your horse. I am happy to call your vets on your behalf if you wish.