I work throughout Essex and the East Anglia region. I am willing to travel further for three or more horses. Please contact me for further information. Evening and weekend appointments are also available to suit your needs.

The price is the same no matter how long I spend with your horse. Prices are based on a session rather than an hourly rate. This is so you get the best possible service for your horse.



  • £35 per horse First session (includes initial static and dynamic observations as well as a massage)
  • £30 per horse Follow up visits (includes a full massage and a short assessment for any changes since the last visit)
  • *10% off current rate for 3 or more horses seen at the same yard during the same visit*



Once an appointment has been made, 48 hours notice is needed to make a cancellation. If a cancellation is made less than 48 hours prior to visit, you will be charged half of a session. If I arrive at your yard and you do not show, you will be charged the full session price.